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"I'll do what I want!" Li replied, really getting into the excitement as much as Clayton was as he pulled out slightly before pushing with all his might to get buried into Clayton all the way up to his 4 inch diameter knot.

Clayton pressed his paws HARD against the wall, grunting and panting desperately as he was wracked with tingles and shivers. "Oh fuck yes Li. YES!" Li seemed to turn red through his fur again and moaned, "I'm sorry, you're too tight; I can't hold it in any longer" In response, Clayton tapped eagerly against Li's chest with his tail; shaking the pulsating dick inside his ass.

"The blow your load big boy" It sent Li over the edge; he came hard, shooting six solid strings of hot cum into his beaver friend's insides before AAmeture out, his dick to sensitive Amture take it. "Oh no, we're not playing that game. " Clayton panted, turning around and crawling over Li, who was now on his back before engulfing Li's entire dick into his mouth; Clayton tasting his first dick, and his first bits of cum.

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