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Obama was right to not say that and that in no way gives a pass to anyone. That is a political move to to never give the power of God to your enemies. Obama spent his entire presidency literally blowing up terrorists so the idea that he is giving terrorist a pass by not using a phrase that plays right into their propaganda is lunacy. Obama tried to say that terrorists are not real Muslims and that people shouldn't judge all Muslims by the actions of terrorists and in doing so he puts human rights and democracy as the aim of American foreign policy. All the while, we were fighting against terrorism on every front. This is the political calulation for a president and the right one in every way. Terrorists say that America is at war with Islam and then the president agrees? That would be terrible on every front. Obama did it right. We can all speak freely because of the context. The Commander in Chief of the US military doesn't give passes by avoiding hair splitting. He does it by pointing his cannons in a different direction.

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    Tetaur 6 months ago

    Jims an a-hole ????

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    Gojar 5 months ago

    Ya sure you are. The "they comment" was an assumption about me that you had no grounds to make.

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    Felkis 5 months ago

    Go ahead parade around naked and encourage the young girls in your family to do so as well...I am sure you will be safe because it is all the men's fault. They should be able to control themselves want them to.....LOL The only person's behavior that you can effectively control in the world is your own and many of us struggle with that. Apparently these men that rape people are struggling a little bit themselves...don't you think?

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Free amateur ass bang
Free amateur ass bang