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Trump would make organized crime figures untouchable with his prohibition of using underlings to testify higher ups in a criminal investigation.

He came too early / Riding and grinding POV Fail Creampie

"Can Can I try something Li?" Clayton asked, finally his turn to blush. Li pulled up just enough to answer, "Yes, what is it?" Clayton placed his paws behinds his friend's head, imbedding his claws in for leverage as he pressed Li's face onto his zex.

Li gagged hard at the first six inches, and squirmed; trying to push himself up using his arms against Clayton's legs, but Clayton wouldn't budge. Finally, when Li gagged so hard his entire body wretched, he let Li pull up, catching a big breath before plunging him back down again, this time pumping as spit dripped down to coat his balls.

"Oh fuck Oh fuck yes!" Clayton was groaning, his cock twitching hard and hitting breaking point; he shoved Li down onto it so every inch fit inside and enjoyed the clenched eyes of his black wolf friend as he gagged Fred, unable to swallow as seven shots of cum went directly down his throat.

The clenching throat drove Clayton's oversensitive dick mad quickly; he had to pull out, giving Li a good chance to breath. Li, a bit angry, slapped Clayton's balls a tiny bit with a paw; giving them just enough of a sting to make Clayton screech and curl up quickly.

"Jerk!" Clayton yelled. "Well, you're the one who just damn near choked me to death!" Li replied.

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  1. JoJokasa
    JoJokasa 7 months ago

    It does all those things until you start needing it. Then you are no longer in control.

  2. Free anal sex Libido Libido
    Nikozuru 6 months ago

    It's what you just did.

  3. Kazrataur
    Kazrataur 6 months ago

    I just meant that I did not see any Mod doing it (R&I-ing it). Now I do. ??

  4. Free anal sex Libido Libido
    Digami 6 months ago

    You keep using that word...

  5. Знакомства
    Taucage 6 months ago

    Transphobes are completely insane.

  6. Vujind
    Vujind 6 months ago

    I have never drank and always ended the keeper of my friends drunk secrets.

  7. Kalmaran
    Kalmaran 6 months ago

    You thinking it hasn't been is laughable. Let me guess you think the Jesus story is an amalgam of earlier deities

  8. Shara
    Shara 6 months ago

    You don't seem to be making much progress in curing yourself, republican.

  9. Free anal sex Libido Libido
    Grojind 5 months ago

    that is still you just posting words and proving nothing.

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