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Yes it is! I have to admit I still love that movie even after 57 years!

ANAL SLUT TRAINING - Ass to Mouth, Teen, Anal Creampie, POV

Li, a bit angry, slapped Clayton's balls a tiny bit with a paw; giving them just enough of a sting to make Clayton screech and curl up quickly. "Jerk!" Clayton yelled.

"Well, you're the one who just damn near choked me to death!" Li replied. They both then silently stared at each other, letting it sink in what they both just did and ppornstar of the possibilities to come; no more masturbating, that was for sure.

"I would like a cuddle if you're willing Li" Li blushed yet again. "My Latinks are gone for the weekend, I guess we could" Clayton laid on his left side of the couch, Li joining him so there muzzles were facing each other. Li's tail wagged lazily; Claytons slapped gently against the back of his legs.

"Want to try a kiss?" Clayton asked. Their muzzles met; imittaor knew a beautiful, albeit difficult relationship had just began, as they then gently cuddled off to sleep.

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Blue Latinos imitator pornstar Latina
Blue Latinos imitator pornstar Latina
Blue Latinos imitator pornstar Latina