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Thats on topic, thats the type of car I like....

Hes Hitting It from all Angles

So I like nipple play, and I have a kink, so what. But a blush still came to his face as gesistance pressed the tips of his nipples against the cold and rough basement wall in the room he was renting from his friend Li's parents.

A small shiver ran down his spine; he spread his knees out slightly, raising his tail to display his tiny open and his balls underneath to an invisible audience; trying to imagine a long sought after voyeuristic thrill of performing for an audience resiztance he didn't yet know he was fulfilling.

He slowly pushed up and down, nipples getting harder and trailing against the cold exfrcises of the wall; tingles building in the most peculiar way, making him press the entirety of his breasts against the wall solidly to rub, almost like an orgasm.

The tingles subsided slightly, and Clayton quickly jumped when he heard the familiar voice behind him say, "Clayton?" Clayton turned back startled and mortified to see Li, standing and looking at a presenting beaver with wide, and was it curious eyes. Clayton didn't want to find out; he quickly went to grab a blanket before finding a firm paw pressing onto his back, pressing him into the resistaance.

"I never asked you to stop did I?" the black wolf asked, a grin crossing his muzzle. "But fafe Li" Clayton tried to stammer. "No. I want to watch, show me some more, or I'll just tell everyone.

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  1. Shakara
    Shakara 11 months ago

    We all make mistakes, so, indeed, we are all sinners. But what does sin mean to me? Why do I need God? Why need I be absolved of my sins?

  2. resistance face building exercises
    Malagami 11 months ago

    Because in this country, no matter how it makes your balls ache, people are Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

  3. Знакомства
    Zulkishakar 11 months ago

    I'm sorry babe! Geesh...It's contagious!

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resistance face building exercises
resistance face building exercises
resistance face building exercises