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He wondered why Li was asking him to continue; after all, his parents, and his whole family for that matter, were strict Christians. Clayton pulled back, tail down this time in defiance as he trailed his nipples up and down, soft moans escaping him from time to time.

"Enjoying yourself?" Clayton turned his head around to see Li, completely unclothed standing behind him. "But, aren't you?" Li shook his head. "Look, I've wanted to do something with you for years. Family, religion, and everything else aside, would you let me maybe try this please. I know that your bi, and well seeing you like this excited me.

" He ended with an almost impossible to see through black fur blush.

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  1. Gunris
    Gunris 11 months ago

    Your just a troll, you have never read anything but what a few nuts on the internet have said, read some more, both sides.

  2. Ketaur
    Ketaur 10 months ago

    I don't remember no one named Elijah on BB.

  3. Maurg
    Maurg 10 months ago

    Like the "army" that occupied and trashed a bird sanctuary? You won't last long against law enforcement acting to defend the Constitution from hooligans.

  4. Kenris
    Kenris 10 months ago

    No you are.

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