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"I'll do what I want!" Li replied, really getting into the excitement as much as Clayton was as he pulled out slightly before pushing with all his might to get buried into Clayton all the way up to his 4 inch diameter knot. Clayton pressed his paws HARD against the wall, grunting and panting desperately as he was wracked with tingles and shivers.

"Oh fuck yes Li. YES!" Li seemed to turn red through his fur again and moaned, "I'm sorry, you're too tight; I can't hold it in any longer" In response, Clayton tapped eagerly against Li's chest with his tail; shaking the pulsating dick inside his ass.

"The blow your load big boy" It sent Li over the edge; he came hard, shooting six solid strings of hot cum into his beaver friend's insides before pulling out, his dick to sensitive to take it. "Oh no, we're not playing that game. " Clayton panted, turning around and crawling over Li, who was now on his back before engulfing Li's entire dick into his mouth; Clayton tasting his first dick, and his first bits of cum.

Li screamed; his dick too sensitive to take it, but being forced to be wirh this eager beaver who was determined to perform his first bout of ansl sex. He let the six inches sink deep into his throat, licking around the bulging knot and massaging those soft wolfish balls with a free paw.

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  1. Arabar
    Arabar 11 months ago

    Does that make you an authority to intervene in anyone's life whom you deem doing something unacceptable?

  2. Dunos
    Dunos 11 months ago

    Christianity is a Religion. It has a hierarchy of biblical interpreters that have decided what people should believe, and if persons do not believe as the doctrines and interpretations of Christianity require then they are obviously wrong. That sounds like a Religion. It sounds like an exclusive club of judgemental indoctrinated members.

  3. Zologul
    Zologul 10 months ago

    No one asked the baker to marry them, FYI.

  4. Yobei
    Yobei 10 months ago

    Just the latest story du jour prompting Americans to foam at the mouth and cast hateful hurtful comments at each other in the service of...who? What? I know the media obviously has a stake in it; it sells advertising space and time when the predictable supporters tune in to validate their positions. Politicians on the wings, democrat and republican, point out these stories to justify their extreme positions (while priming the pump for more contributions to the cause). And I suppose, of course, these raw meat stories, and the subsequent responses from the left and right posters helps to draw off some of the festering venom that seems to be rising to ever more dangerous levels nationwide.

  5. Tem
    Tem 10 months ago

    Lol. That is a good song to sing to!

  6. Знакомства
    Kesar 10 months ago

    Just like not playing baseball is a sport.

  7. Знакомства
    Nikogis 10 months ago

    I see there is a couple charged with murder for letting their 10 month old die.

  8. Sex with anal plug
    Kaziramar 9 months ago

    Any here I thought Stormy Daniels was Mueller's daughter. Maybe she is and you are her little sister. So tell us, are you making movies too? BTW when Barry Soetoro and Hillary covered up the Bengazi massacre did Liberals challenge that? Lord no. We might be Cooters but we did not get our start at Hooters like some Miss Jenny.

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Sex with anal plug
Sex with anal plug