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Jesus said "I have not come to destroy the law, but to fulfil it". We must ask how each law is fulfilled. Some are obviously fulfilled - that is why we do not have to take a pigeon or a lamb to church. The laws about blood sacrifices have been fulfilled. In the same way the Sabbath law is fulfilled for us every day of the week when we cease to do our work and do God's instead, thus entering into the rest that remains for the people of God. We are still free to keep one day special if we wish but we are also free to keep every day alike. Of the Ten Commandments, nine are replicated in the New Testament in exactly the same way. The Sabbath one is not, being fulfilled in a very different way.

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  1. Kigalkis
    Kigalkis 10 months ago

    There is only one true religion. Truth is not an ideology.

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    Dumuro 10 months ago

    As someone else pointed out, a short-term gain in economic growth could be overshadowed by a long-term loss in care for the elderly. It could be argued that abortion is at least partially to blame for turning Social Security into a pyramid scheme.

  3. Solo teen nudist photo teen
    Kagarn 10 months ago

    Yes Trump is fake news, fake person, and fake president.

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    Guzil 10 months ago I leaving my man for Al? Heavens yes, no, and maybe so...Life is short my dear sister....But then again...heck no...not on Disqus. The world is watching our dance...No worries...We have a clear understanding...The understanding is what makes it fun. My husband is completely aware of Al. Trixie his wife is completely aware of me. We all are having fun. Don't worry...Hearts are aware of this super great butterfly and sunshine game and lovely dance. ????????????????????

  5. Solo teen nudist photo teen
    Tygora 9 months ago

    I meet up with the squad on Wednesday night so I?ll rarely be available on Wednesday

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    Mern 9 months ago

    Maybe to you. I have no desire to see such lewd acts

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    But I'm not a pagan. I don't believe in gods.

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Solo teen nudist photo teen
Solo teen nudist photo teen
Solo teen nudist photo teen