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Not from what is being projected. Islam will continue to grow and so will Christianity. But, if you want to embark on that crusade, you may.

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  1. The texts give my anus winding wholey
    Mikazragore 10 months ago

    Like I said, I see it differently. It's clearly being used to rile up people about immigration issues. Glad not everyone is being drawn away from the real crime here.

  2. The texts give my anus winding wholey
    JoJozilkree 10 months ago

    Hey, that Grundy is a brilliant player.. BRILLIANT!

  3. The texts give my anus winding wholey
    Kamuro 10 months ago

    theres a law that you cant indict a sitting president. it probably was never seen as an issue before but it certainly needs to be looked at now

  4. Maudal
    Maudal 10 months ago

    Republicans couldn?t find a job until he was elected.

  5. Mikagis
    Mikagis 10 months ago

    The fact that they shouldn't even have a rowboat is a good base point.

  6. The texts give my anus winding wholey
    Mikakazahn 10 months ago

    What are you on about now? We were talking about freedom of speech.

  7. The texts give my anus winding wholey
    JoJoll 9 months ago

    I can't run.

  8. Grolkis
    Grolkis 9 months ago

    Bingo,you have won's tonight's lucky dip.

  9. Mooguzilkree
    Mooguzilkree 9 months ago

    I would like to see the farmers payroll taxes. In other words, how many employees did the farmer send in Medicare and Social Security specifically and the number provided by the employee.

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