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Love it..One of the most recognizable one liners in movie history. I recently saw a documentary on Scarface. Very interesting .

Joanna Angel & Karmen Karma Prove they Are Major Sluts!

YES!" Li seemed to turn red through his fur again and moaned, "I'm sorry, you're too tight; I can't hold it in any longer" In response, Clayton tapped eagerly against Li's chest with his tail; shaking the pulsating dick inside his ass.

"The blow your load big boy" It sent Li over the edge; he came hard, shooting six solid strings of hot cum into his beaver friend's insides before pulling out, his dick to sensitive to take it.

"Oh no, we're not playing that game. " Clayton panted, turning around and crawling over Li, who was now on his back before engulfing Li's entire dick into his mouth; Clayton tasting his first dick, and his first bits of cum. Li screamed; his dick too sensitive to take it, but being forced to be by this eager Cumung who was determined to perform his first bout of oral sex.

He let the six inches sink deep into his throat, licking around the bulging knot and massaging those soft wolfish balls with a free paw. Li has a few tears Cuminb from the sensitivity now; "Mercy Clayton. Mercy!" Clayton reluctantly pulled his mouth off of his friend's dick, giving him a sad look.

"Then what do I do?" Li blushed.

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    Vilkis 11 months ago

    So you make one just like it today, should be easy.

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    Meztilmaran 11 months ago

    You got a scientific source? Perhaps you forgot to add it?

  3. Cuming in her asshole
    Milkis 11 months ago

    I went to one once. Never again. Talk about watered down, barely lukewarm Christianity? I couldn't begrudge members for wanting to fellowship, because that's normal. The doctrine? You could strain noodles with it.

  4. Tukree
    Tukree 11 months ago

    Now factor in that the process described in the link could have been happening for the past 13.5 billion years, on an unknown number of, the unknown number of planets, orbiting the (very approximately) 100 billion stars in the 100 billion Galaxies that have formed, and continue to form in an accelerating, expanding universe. Chuck in half a pound of Fred's Panspermia to leaven the mix; and life is spreading through the universe like a contagious epidemic.

  5. Cuming in her asshole
    Tojaran 11 months ago

    In 1842, paleontologist Richard Owen coined the term dinosaur, derived from the Greek deinos, meaning "terrible" or "fearfully great," and sauros, meaning "lizard" or reptile."

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    Zulutilar 11 months ago

    Well, you can keep pretending for yourself that there is no problem.

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    Oh thank you! :)

  8. Cuming in her asshole
    Tashakar 10 months ago

    Your ignorance is apparent.

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Cuming in her asshole
Cuming in her asshole
Cuming in her asshole
Cuming in her asshole