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Making up your own realities again?

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"Try" a grunt stopped Clayton from finishing. "Try to deep throat it It's" another grunt. "Amazingly fun" Li, willing to please, started doing his best to slide eight solid inches into his throat; he gagged slightly, eyes watering.

"Can Can I try something Li?" Clayton asked, finally his turn to blush. Li pulled up just enough to answer, "Yes, what is it?" Clayton placed his paws behinds his friend's head, imbedding his claws in for leverage as he pressed Li's face onto his cock.

Li gagged hard at the first six inches, and squirmed; trying to push himself up using his arms against Clayton's legs, but Clayton wouldn't budge. Finally, when Li gagged so hard his entire body wretched, he let Li pull up, catching a big breath before plunging him back down again, this time pumping as spit dripped down to coat his balls.

"Oh fuck Oh fuck yes!" Clayton was groaning, his cock twitching hard and hitting breaking point; he shoved Li wan onto it so every inch fit inside and enjoyed the clenched eyes of his black wolf friend as he gagged desperately, unable to swallow as seven shots of cum went directly down his throat.

The clenching throat drove Clayton's oversensitive dick mad quickly; he had to pull out, giving Li a good chance to breath.

Li, a bit angry, slapped Clayton's balls a tiny bit with a paw; giving them just ufck of a sting to make Clayton screech and curl up quickly.

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  1. Makora
    Makora 10 months ago

    lol.. that's funny... :-))

  2. Zolora
    Zolora 10 months ago

    But there are not two types of writing in the Bible, it is all recollection/history/vision. A letter written by someone is not a whole book.

  3. I want to fuck HER MOUTH
    Sagami 10 months ago

    Sex is sacred. I thought that long before I became Catholic. If you want to get married again badly enough in the Catholic church, you get an annulment. If you don't you don't. No one is forcing you to do a single thing. If the religion is important to you, you try to follow it. If not, you don't. It really is that easy.

  4. Mazura
    Mazura 10 months ago

    Once again, I think you are confusing movies but monster squid sounds good too haha

  5. Kejora
    Kejora 10 months ago

    Are you taking drugs? I made a clear answer to your question.

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I want to fuck HER MOUTH
I want to fuck HER MOUTH