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Thanks...I edited that to remove the Freudian slip...

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Even though he was flustered, he couldn't miss this possibly once in a lifetime opportunity. "Well, I guess I'm willing to let you try; what exactly do you want to do?" Again, Clayton felt a paw press firmly into his back, leaving him forced against the cold wall as his tail was flipped up by the other of Li's strong hand and arm.

"I want to take you, like this, right now. " He growled, and Clayton could feel that unsheathed tip pressing against his now desperately clenching hole. "Li, are you-" followed oPrnstar a deep groan as without warning or mercy Li shoved those first quivering inches deep into the velvety warmth of beaver ass.

"Oh god this is amazing!" Li managed to gasp as he shook in nervousembarrassed excitement; trying to force in another inch. "Li.

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    Vudor 10 months ago

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    Samulabar 10 months ago

    She got the figure from elsewhere, the idea is not new.

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    ?? it wasnt first???

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    No prob. It?s your thread hon, do it the way that makes you comfortable.

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    Goltijar 9 months ago

    Same with war movies ??

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