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God lets his priests abuse children and his representative ask his victims to pray to Him.

Finally, when Li gagged so hard his entire body wretched, he let Li pull up, catching a big breath Orql plunging him back down again, this time pumping as spit dripped down to coat his balls.

"Oh fuck Oh fuck yes!" Clayton was groaning, his cock twitching hard and hitting breaking point; he shoved Li down onto it so every inch fit inside and enjoyed the clenched eyes of his black stocknig friend as he gagged desperately, unable to swallow as seven shots of cum went directly down his throat.

The clenching throat drove Clayton's oversensitive dick mad quickly; he had to pull out, giving Li a good chance to breath. Li, a bit angry, slapped Clayton's balls a tiny bit with a paw; giving them just enough of a sting to make Clayton screech and curl up quickly.

"Jerk!" Clayton yelled. "Well, you're the one who just damn near choked me to death!" Li replied. They both then silently stared at each other, letting it sink in what they both just did and all of the possibilities to come; no more masturbating, that was for sure.

"I would like a cuddle if you're willing Li" Li blushed yet again. "My parents are gone for the weekend, I guess we could" Clayton laid on his left side of the couch, Li joining him so there muzzles were facing each other.

Li's tail wagged lazily; Claytons slapped gently against the back of his legs.

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  1. Oral in a stocking
    Zulukora 1 year ago

    Thanks. Keep that one in my favourites folder for daily inspiration ;)

  2. Batilar
    Batilar 11 months ago

    That is the dictionary definition of socialism!

  3. Dasar
    Dasar 11 months ago

    I was making two points concerning the way conservatives treated Bill Clinton not in any particular order. If you want to run up and down a thread looking to pick a fight then pick someone else. I'll block your ass.

  4. Oral in a stocking
    Nacage 11 months ago

    New thing to me.

  5. Maull
    Maull 10 months ago

    I acknowledge the fact that the Satanic Temple has has their rights and is allowed to erect a demonic statue, but that doesn't mean I have to like them, do I?

  6. Turr
    Turr 10 months ago

    When you read it really fast it comes out sounding like atom back...atomik...

  7. Знакомства
    JoJoran 10 months ago

    We're not talking about anyone's opinion about the nature of God (which atheists shouldn't have anyway given their belief that there is no God), were talking about an opinion as to whether God exists.

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